Auf dem selben Planeten 2002 Kinodokumentarfilm

16mm, 88 min

2020 became the first long film of KATRIN EISSING an official part of the german national Film Heritage-Deutsche Kinemathek

Christoph Hochhäusler 2003

To make a film means, in the most original sense, to enter into a relationship with the world with a technical eye – to find a distance that isolates a subject in such a way that it can be dealt with. To apply this formula to one’s own family is an almost impossible undertaking. It is precisely in this impossibility that the strength of Katrin Eissing’s film reveals itself. She does not use the camera to show something she is sure of. She uses it as a tool of knowledge. In doing so, she makes us participants in an investigation whose subject matter can leave no one in the cold: At the field of family, we are all fellow researchers, always looking for a perspective that creates an overview. Katrin Eissing does not give in for a moment to the illusion of an overview and helps us to experience that entanglement is the only human attitude with which one can encounter one’s family. She goes with her camera directly into life, which also means: into the mistake- whereby once there, the word „mistake“ loses all meaning, just as many terms in general dissolve the longer we accompany this journey. What is education? Guilt? We remember our reproaches, assignments, deductions, our laboriously constructed genealogy, and things start moving in a painful way.

„On the same planet“ is the rare document of an authentic search that becomes effective because our sympathy comes to coincide with the author’s participation. Not a „film“ that drives our feelings like a shepherd dog in the one allowed direction, but a record that follows complexly and sensitively feelings that are above any paper decision.