Bio+CV Katrin Eissing

KATRIN EISSING is a filmemaker, visual artist and author.

As a media artist, director and writer of films, performances and plays, she was invited to several German-speaking and international festivals. Her first long cinema documentary, On the Same Planet,was premiered in 2002 at the International Leipziger Festival für Documentary and Animated Films in their international competition.

Her poems, stories, scripts, interviews, critiques have been published in: Revolver magazine for film, Zeitmagazin, Peter Engstler Verlag, Woche der Kritik, Taz, Eissing self-published: Produktion von Antimaterie.

Brief Artistic Curriculum Vitae

Films, performances, theatre work (selection as director, with festival presentation)

2020 Invention of „Filmhörstück“ as a media term with Sandrine Jorand

The Passage, Filmhörstück, Invention of the Mediatern and Format: Filmhörstück

Oceans are rising so we are: performance, life Renaissancesongs and expanded cinema, 16mm LaborBerlin

Prize of honour from Deutsche Künstlerhilfe beim BundesPräsidialamt.

2019 First Lie, 16mm: experimental film, LaborBerlin

2018 The Heart of the Giraffe, 70 min, 2018: music theatre at the Grassi Museum as part of the Renaissance Music Festival, Leipzig 2018

Was ist Postupak?: vocal performance, public game and play

Gedenken/Commemoration with Melina Pafundi, 16mm experimental film, LaborBerlin

2017 Verlassen/Leaving, 16mm experimental film, LaborBerlin

2011 Orchids in Pankow: girls‘ stories for 3SAT documentary film, sold and broadcast throughout Europe on TV

2010 Mithra et ses copine, a film by Sandrine Jorand

world premiere at the Cannes International Film Festival, editing

2007 1:0 for Nadja and Joanne, doc. ARD/RBB, sold and broadcast throughout Europe on TV

2005 The Stars and Us in the Water, 16mm Cinema Dok and

play for the Filmbühne at the Volksbühne-Berlin, premiere Volksbühne Berlin

2002 On the Same Planet: cinema documentation, 90 min, 16mm

Premiere in the international competition of the Leipzig Documentary Film Festival

1996 What is work? Documentary for NDR, Wildenhahn, The Documentary View, director, camera, editing, 16mm

1994 Kairos and Kung Fu-Models of Infinity, 35mm, cinema experimental film for an expanded cinema performance

1992 Fear of the Drone Film/Videowork, Reflecting on gender neutral (re)production


Film texts, poems, stories, scripts, interviews published in: Revolver-Magazin für Film, Zeitmagazin, Peter Engstler Verlag, Woche der Kritik, taz, self-published: Produktion von Antimaterie

Learning and growing

Free International University for Creativity and Interdisciplinary Research, Hamburg (FIU),

Fine Arts and Visual Communication at the State University of Fine Arts, Hamburg

Experimental film design at the Free University, Berlin

2016/17 Moderator- Open Dialogue, 2018-2019 Crisis support at Offener Dialog e.V. Leipzig

Teaching and social work

Since 1998 Workshops, teaching all over Berlin in various types of schools

Focus on media and diversity in cultural education

Postupak: Political work for human rights and climate issues

2009 to 2018 management, development the film and photo workshops/ studio at the Jugendkunstschule Pankow ,projects with „Cultural Agents for Creative Schools, Network Berlin“

2010-14 Guest teacher at Children’s studio, family centre, SOS Kinderdorf Moabit

Director of the „UnterDruck/Under Pressure“ Homeless Centre theatre group

Lecturer in further education for teachers for the „BundDerKunsterzieher Berlin“

Guest lecturer „Arche- Free Film School Berlin“

2012 and 2014 German Children and Youth Photography Award with fotokids and Alchemisten

2000-2002 District of Berlin- Mitte cultural department: Cultural education, documentation, presentation

1989-90 Assistent at the State Academy of Fine Arts, HfbK-Hamburg