Passage ein „FilmHörStück“ 2021

Die Passage

Jorand Sandrine & Eissing Katrin
2020, Germany, 53 min
West of Turin there is a passage between the French and Italian Alps. It is the end of winter there, but not quite spring yet. The mountains look very proud. 400 kilometers of snow-covered pistes on which skiers enjoy the mountains as they do every year from Sauze d’Oulx to Montgenèvre. But if you take a closer look, you will not only see holidaymakers in the mountains. At this place people flee to France to find a better life. It took them two years to reach this passage from West Africa. Mostly at night they run up the mountains to escape the border police. Local residents pick them up from the dangerous situations, take care of them and give them shelter. In the „Filmhörstück“ we hear activists and residents talking about their commitment, their sense of solidarity and their desire for a more just society for all human beings. Together with the street artist SP 38, Sandrine Jorand and Katrin Eissing developed a new format: a Filmhörstück (film audio play). It is an abstract and artistic film which accompanies the audio documentary in the same way as music normally accompanies the film. It is a discreet, light, suspended music while the audio documentary remains in the foreground.

Runtime 53 min Year 2020 Country Germany Languages German, French, Italian

2021 eingeladen zum „Visions Du Reel“


FILMHÖRSTÜCK als eigenständiges, neues Genre im Medienkontext existiert seit Katrin Eissing und Sandrine Jorand es 2019 erfanden. Ein FILMHÖRSTÜCK ist ein Experimentalfilm der nachträglich und zu dem Ton eines Tonhörstück produziert wird, um diesen zu unterstützen.

FILMHÖRSTÜCK as an independent, new genre in the media context has existed since Katrin Eissing and Sandrine Jorand invented it in 2019. A FILMHÖRSTÜCK is an experimental film produced after the fact and to the sound of an audio piece, to support it.

All photographs on this website are available as analogue wall or panel paintings. They appear in limited editions of up to 12. They are signed, hand-printed on baryta paper or printed on finart paper.

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